Перевод песни Eddie Cochran – Mr. Fiddle

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Mister Fiddle, Oh mister Fiddle, well all right
Mister fee-fi-fiddle-e-i-o
He wears a great big fringe, he's your southern friend
One sure that you all know
Folks invitated, he's the one that make it He's mister Fiddle with the bow
Oh, fee-fi-fiddle-e-i, fee-fi-fiddle-e-i
Fee-f i-f iddle-e- i -o
He plays it sweet an' hot, he'll stunn you on the spot
Mister Fiddle with the bow
And with his ol' violin stuck under his chin
At the barndance hi-de-ho
Folks gettin' near him, they all wanna hear him
He's mister Fiddle with the bow
Now me and uncle Andy, we think he's a dandy
We like to see him dangle the bow
If you haven't seen or heard it You can believe every word of it He's mister fiddle with the bow