Перевод песни Major League – Because Heaven Knows

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I haven't been avoiding you, don't think that I don't care
I just can't seem to bring myself, knowing you're not there
I go into each and every year, with heavy hearts and shaking hands
A feeling in my gut comes back, with thoughts that I can't stand
You're the reason I still stand up straight, you help to keep my head high
I know that I'll see you again someday, for now I'll look up at the sky
These markings on my chest are for the angel on my shoulder
I try to tell myself, it's just the pain of getting older
I know it's not my place to say, I'm sorry
Nothing I could say would make this change, or go away
But I hope I still have time left, to let you know
Everything that I've done, is because of you
I know that deep inside my heart, you were content
And I hope you're catching up on years, that you lost with your daughter
I can't help but be so selfish, because I wish you were here
And the best way to move on from this, is to celebrate all your years
If I could pump my blood in to your veins, id take the air right from my lungs
I'd do anything, to get rid of the pain
And it's taking everything, to hold my tongue
Cause heaven knows, id love to burn it down
And if I could speak to god, I'd give him hell
Like the kind he put in your life, he's the reason we can't sleep at night
He's the reason we can't, sleep at night