Перевод песни Major League – Landslide

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I've watch the seasons change, and this world we live in grow
I've watched you waste away, give up on life, dispose of all you know
And now I lie awake and wonder how, you're letting everybody down
You used to be someone, that I could be proud of, now you're just a bad example
If the good die young, then maybe I was wrong
I've been a nervous wreck for far too long
Cause you're a landslide, a natural disaster
Your eyes have lost sight of everything you were after
And if you live and learn, then now's your turn
To pick up and get back, your life on the right track
You're growing up just to grow old
And now you're a man with nothing to show
What will it take to bring back the kid, I used to know
Self righteous, self loathing, pretentious, pathetic
You've lost your touch and I'll never get how
You live with yourself, opinions so jaded
And now you've become everything that you hated