Перевод песни Discipline – Road To Nowhere

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Woke up one day and it was plain to see
I was going nowhere, it was a dead end street
So, I burned up my bridges that made me bound to lose
My life was a mess, so I had to choose
It was the time to get rid of all the loosers
To separate my ways from all the studs and the users
Do what you want to do, work hard every day
If you really want something, there's always a way
Road to nowhere
I'm gonna break out and leave this life behind
Break out and see what I can lind
I might lose, I'm gonna try my luck
I might win, I really don't give a fuck
So, if I can do it, you can do it too
Why don't you try it, you got nothing to lose
A road to nowhere, It's the same every day
Do something different, try to break away