Перевод песни Backfire! – The War Starts Here

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This one goes out to all you fake ass suckers talking shit
'cause if you want war
Then we'll give you a fucking war
So many times you've threatened us Then where the fuck were you?
Why don't you back up those threats you made?
'Cause you cowards have a lot to prove
To all you assholes threatening us Just fuckin' step to us Make your move
Fake suckers we son't see around
It's clear to us what you're about
Bring it on To all who got beef
To all our enemies
Make your move
'Cause if you want war
You'll find it right here
So bring it on now...
We never set out to make enemies
But if this is the way is has to be Then we won't fucking walk away from this no...
You'll be fucking dealt with
And when it's time to represent
We'll remeind you of all you said
Backfire! 2001
And you know you can't stop this