Перевод песни Discipline – Dirty World

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I remember the times when you were living on the street
You had nowhere to go, you didn't have a place to sleep
Well, I know what they say, that it's a dirty world out there
But no one really gives a damn and nobody seems to care
Like an outlaw on the run, running in a dead end street
Well in this world today, there's nothing for free
Don't think about tomorrow
Just living your life today
Don't think about tomorrow
You got to make it right today
Don't think about tomorrow
Living your life this way
Don't think about tomorrow
Cause tomorrow it all fades away
You've been gambling all your life now placed the wrong bet
It seems that luck has turned on you, it's time to pay your debts
It's the price you pay for freedom, freedom in your own way
Yesterday don't mean shit, it's all about today
Time is ticking away as the years are passing by Now it's time for you to realize that you can't hide behind your lies