Перевод песни Discipline – City of Light

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The place where I was been 26 Years ago
It means so much to me, this place that call home
No matter where my ship is heading, I'm always homeward bound
I can never wait to get back to this old'n dirty town
It's the City
The City of Light
A southern working class town based on industry
It's the city of light and it belongs to you and me This city isn't famous, the streets aren't paved in gold
This city has no class but it's still the best place in the world
It's the City
The City of Light
From the main square to the freeway, It's a side down memory lane
When I took at those streets today some things never seem to change
There's no place like home, gonna stay here all my life
There's no words to describe this feeling, this is the place where I wanna die
It's the City
The City of Light