Перевод песни Random Hero – A Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer - But a Hero Does

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Out of all the birds of summer
I was sure you were the one
In a million different colours
You would sparkle in the sun
Brightest morning star you wake me
And you even sing at night
When I sleep you insulate me
From the fires and the tide
Even if you got lost then I would
Never give you up
I'd keep searching 'til I found you
And I'd pull you to my heart
And when all the leaves in autumn
Will be falling to the ground
And the last remaining sunlight
Will be locked behind the clouds
There will be a voice that tells me
There will be another spring
There will be another reason
For this little bird to sing
Even if you would die then I would
Only count the days
I'd keep waiting 'til I meet you
And I'll pull you to my heart
Calling on destiny
But there's just no trust in me
I don't believe
Even if you got blind then I would
Take you on a trip
We would travel all the world
To any place you'd want to see