Перевод песни Discipline – Red & White Army

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We have a team, it's pride of the south
We're a wotking class city and we like it loud
Sometimes we win sometimes we lose it's alright for the boys
When you grow up here you got no choice
From the cradle to the grave it's in your veins
We're the Red & White Army and we can't be tarned
It's a tradition from father to son
A legacy, forever it goes on
The Red & White Army is here
Never surrender — the blood, the sweat, the tears
The Red & White Army is here
Still going strong after all these years
I was just a boy, I've turned five
My first Football match it changed my whole life
The rush was like a drug
It changed a kid with a scarf into a football thug:
Never surrender is what we sing
To support our team we'd do anything
In the city the light of wherever in the world
In the streets a station or behind the goal