Перевод песни Discipline – No Surrender

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Some people call it a game but it ain't no joke to me Spreading rumors and telling lies, it just makes, no sense to me Is your life really that boring that you try to ruin mine
Soon the day will come that you will realize
No — No Surrender
We want you all to know
No — No Surrender
All dressed up and ready to go No — No Surrender
This time we're gonna do it right
No — No Surrender
Gonna set the record straight tonight
Where did it ever go wrong, do you really think you're better than me?
What comes around goes around, is it really that hard for you to see?
Respect ain't soemthing you get for free, respect you've gotta earn
Since you seem to be so ignorant I think you'll never learn
Soon the day will come when you reach the point of no return
Then it's too late and yo're gonna get yourself burned
So now is the time to decide what's it gonna be Don't say I didn't warn you when you have to face the heat