Перевод песни Discipline – The Sounds of The Streets

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Let's just face it boys, the sound is back
It's the sound of the streets
All the kids are drinking, dancing and singing
This is just what we all need
The band is on stage, working like hell
And there's no doubt that this is real
The boys are back
And we're meant to stay
And we don't care about how you feel
CH: This is the sound of the streets
Doc Martin boots on our feet
United as one, we roam the streets
Hardcore and Oi!, it's all the same
It doesn't make a difference at the end of the day
We love all the sounds
Who carry the true spirit of the streets
Wheter it's a sing-a-long street punk
Or a rock 'n roll song with a HC beat!
CH: this is the sound of the streets
There's kids all over the world
Keeping the sound alive
We're all fighting for the same cause,
If fills me with pride
So never forget — Together we are strong
Toghether we'll keep on fighting
Together we'll go on and on!
CH: this is the sound of the streets