Перевод песни Jenny Morris – Trust Yourself

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He broke your heart,
girl I know its hard, keep going girl
You can make it far
That's the crazy thing, he can make you feel the best
Life's just one, live a long test, and I know its hard
But just stay strong, he was lying to you all along
You thought he loved you, but you was wrong
I know how you feel, that's why I wrote this song
Make it through with some real talk
For real
Make you wanna kill girl
I know how you feel
Just wait til the day, he'll regret
You gave him everything, Never made effects,
He had a loyal girl, He was all set,
But all them girls, They all read it like a text
Ruining this whole relationship.
He's had a lot of girls
But you was different, you gave him all love, and the attention
When he was out, chase the cat,
You kept going back
Deep down you know, that you better than that
You got something these hoes don't
Something they all want
But you got something they cant get it
You being a hoe, just really don't fit it
You can lose everything in life in one click
He's with them charles
Are you not with
But girl, you better
Shawty come here
And I'll hold you through this weather
He hurt you, you didn't deserve
He didn't know what a girl like you was worth
You was an angel from your birth
Heartbreak is like a curse
But girl
Pick it back up
Flex on that dude
Show him what's up,
You bad, and we all know
You got designer, you got gold
You was loyal to him
You were never foe, but he messed up,
It's what getting told,
You used to be so warm, but now your hearts so cold
I know you want something real
All these lames so old,
But focus on you,
Put these lames on hold
You a bad chick girl,
Let all these dudes know