Перевод песни The Dudley Corporation – Vapour Trails

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I was flying high through some vapour trails at night
You were way below
With every extra breath I would rise another mile
The city peeled away as I fell up through the sky
and I caught it unaware
I let off a hail that washed away its colours
I watched down on the wave of hate
The red ran riot through the town
I pulled you up and sat you down
on top of a cloud
With my hands over your eyes I showed you what I'd done
to the streets way down below
You let out a tear that washed away my colours
But in a moment the matter was over
I ran around and danced alone
You came up behind me and told me you loved me I fell to earth without a sound
You picked up the pieces and put me together
We ran like hell and caught another vapour trail