Перевод песни Get Him Eat Him – Shirt Like A Couch

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Now it's 10am and I'm startling slow
I've got a shirt like a couch, belt unbuckled below
It's an awful fit and it's all for show
And it's framing a face you'll see for the first time
Now it's 2pm and I'm ready to go
I've got my face face-down feeling gravity grow
I've got six set of sneakers set out in a row
Or I'm out the door and onto the punchline
And I forget just what it is I was hoping for
I forget that I know
That I've never even heard you speak
And all my words just jump and squeak
With this awkwardness
But I thought that was just a line
«I'm concerned and you're consigned»
I thought you were someone else
I thought this shirt was pretty fucking swell