Перевод песни The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up – monotonologue

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Theres three homeless guys on the corner watching me walk my dog but they know
i dont have any money so they go back to talking. and there is a strange blue
glow in the houses. commercials with three images per second on the tv set.
and The houses with black windows, ive convinced myself they turned out the
lights and are watching me so i stop and stare back and now my dog has eaten
something rotten on the ground so i turn around and take it out of his mouth
High below the freeway with my faith in your hands i could learn not to breathe
if you ask me to. Theres a feeling in my ribcage and it starts in my head and
it hurts when you take someone in the bushes
Ooo, i know i could lose you
Ooo, I know i could stop you
When i hold you you can't be close enough mark my words for one thousand hours
or i could run for a week or two with someone else