Перевод песни Jc Lodge & Junior Kelly – Love You Like That

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A who dat JC. wooh baby hurt go to know That somebody loves you so,
a love you like that.
my mama tell you seh i love you like that Anyone a tell 'em seh love you like
As me as me as me as me woa baby
(JC Lodge (Junior Kelly))
I wanna share your life
Every minutes, every day and night
(i'm glad, i'm glad you like that)
n i want you to know At whatever you do
(i really, i got to, i got to, i got to)
And whatever you don't remember
(JC Lodge (Junior kelly)) Someone loves you honey
(i'm glad you do that)
No matter what just be my guy
Someone loves you honey
(a gimme, a gimme)
More than anything in the world
(as me as me as me)
(Junior Kelly)
Hey JC, it's you and me Nobody couldn't tell mi it is was meant to be
Hey JC, it's you and me You and me together inna armony And when you pose mi
whey and gimme that i can't tek Mi feel it inna mi heart you energy you shock
When we do that and JC mek we do that Wooh baby
(JC Lodge (Junior Kelly) I'm so glad I'm the one (a know you not is glad as me)
That you call on, when you need someone That's what my love is for It's the
show that you lean on To weather the storm, remember (Junior Kelly) And if you
think you cleva, try dis no ever Come me meet in ya mi twin when diss mi a mi
lover You wouldn't know if you a more insonna You wouldn't know which part fi
runna You woulda wonda what you have donna You know you shouldn't do that,
you know you shouldn't do that You really should know, you should know,
you should know Should know, should know... (Junior Kelly) Hey JC,
the world can see You and mi together for eternity Mek we do that and JC mek
we do that Woaaa baby