Перевод песни Scott Joplin – Elite Sincopations

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Yeah, it's been a minute man
Scoot, 2Sharp, RobinBanks, GYee, VI Seconds
Amnesia couldn't make you forget about us
Wreck the towers, best around us
Bitch how could you ever doubt us?
Got my flow on surf and you next to drown bitch
You looking like a stunfisk you just a flounder
Got ya girl puffs out and I'm next to pound her
Hidden Power, Fire Spin set around us
Your minds gone and it's best you found it
My team's a threat, and you looking stressed about it
Hurt you, I murk you, I go in like curfew
My ribbons alert you, my M's looking purple
They master, I catch ya, I'm faster
I turn you to Ghost types like Casper, Absol a disaster
I Drizzle confetti, my style is deadly
This Amulet Coin got my pockets all heavy
You know you ain't ready
These battles get messy
The only Pokes used are these Honedge machetes
And there ain't no solution
All you niggas NU, straight useless
Team trash boy I got all the blueprints
Double Slap hit you up twice then it's deuces
And you ain't gon' do shit, true shit
Challenge me and my team that's foolish
I'm a Pokemon master you a student
Everyday is Pay Day go on keep your two cents (We do this)
Who you playing with, bitch not with us
Got artillery on my octopus
We catch em all you ain't doing shit
So like a Charizard you can't rock with us
We killers boy when that wind blows
You can tell cause it be so Ominous
That top spot like the Ice Path
And we sliding in there like hockey pucks
Okay now Pokedollas I flip those
Dick be swinging like Hypno
Quiet nature I tiptoe
Leave your ass with a slit throat
Now watch how I break it down
Diggersby shake the ground
Might catch me playing rough
Won't see me play around
Wait till Gen seven comes out
Im'a end up right back in that dojo
You haters don't make a sound
I'm a Mega Bro, Sticky Web you slow
Only smart nigga with a dumb ass flow
I was made for this, ya bitch Luvdisc
Put you niggas in the dirt like Stunfisk
Make you go night night Dark Void
You rarely used, Blastoise
I'm at the Game Corner stay winnin'
Coin Case full, so I stay spendin' (Ha)
Rollout, nigga getting better with time
Sludge Wave flow, what's poppin' slime?
I'm sick, Cubchoo, lemme wipe my nose
Smacking niggas down and Earthquake the flow
I'm unpredictable and you typical
I ain't Missingno but I'll glitch you bro
You Self Destruct, I eat it up
Then I turn around Dark type beat it up
Scoot is the truth so it's no need to doubt
I stay killing teams with the squad, get em out
Blasting them niggas of course I'ma win
Blown away, who are you again?
I don't even know shit fuck it, gone
But how the hell you bad at Pokemon
You niggas are filth, Garbador at the game
Lemme get cleansed, Politoad make it rain
Swift Swim, I go first
With a Life Orb, you gon get murked
Crow fly, swag on fleek
Can't see me Shadow Sneak
I told you niggas I'm like TTar
Pursuit got you flipped like Malamar
Topsy Turvy, I did you dirty
I'm the king motherfucker Pokemon 230
I'm Unknown with Hidden Power
It's my time to shine like a green Dialga
Put me on any track and I will devour
Like Thunderbolts on Feraligatrs
Can't see you haters, Dunsparce
But your hate's my motivation to spark
Now I'm slowly getting better
And my lines are getting clever
I'm enduring any hits
And then returning with Endeavors
If my abilities Drought
You'll be feeling under weather
When will I get smacked down? Um, never
You gotta be joking me
Gale Wings nigga being fly is my priority
You're normal like a Bunnelby
I'm in the cut like Rotom-C
You're something like Jirachi
Cause you wish to hear some more of me
If that's what you want I'll do my part
Go to YouTube and search up Just2Sharp
I'm back, did you really think it's over bro?
Super luck flow, almost every hit is critical
It's over like the third turn of a Perish Song
My bars pack more weight than a Groudon
But I'm snapping like a Basculin
Talk shit about the flow, nigga I ain't having it
I'll throw your body in a lake full of Gyarados
And walk off with your bitch like Gary Oak
They told me I should do this in my normal voice
Now normally that wouldn't be my normal choice
But I don't want to miss my chance
To spit y'all a new verse
And even my normal voice hits hard
Like a Boomburst
Especially with these Specs on
My best song is always my next song
Mr. All Black Everything
Only thing more black is Zekrom
I'm going in like a cage fighter
It's a great cypher cause they're nicer
You the type to run a Vacuum Wave Scyther
While I'm making more plays than a stagewriter
Saying I am whack, what type of lie is that?
Flow's cold, shocking, and hot like a Tri Attack
Now rewind it back, you can't ignore the skill
When it's hot I hit faster, that's Chlorophyll
I'm like Primal Reversion, you don't get it man
In my prime, all his verses like Desolate Land
That means they so heat like a Specs Reshiram
You're talking money that's a definite plan
I'll make it rain like Primordial Sea
I squash competition, they all Skorupi
Check my channel if you want more of me
And download this shit like a Porygon Z
Can't get to the top any faster than this
All of the haters they have to be pissed
I'll make them all ghosts like a Mismagius
While fans wave their hands like a Cofagrigus
A lineup like this? Man it has to be sick
You ain't gonna find better rappers than this
It's like we're holding big Watmel berries
Cause spitting fire is our Natural Gift
No intros you should know me
Show up in that Poke Boeing
Treat all y'all like you some Pory-
Gon origami you folding
These porter potties ain't know me
I flush you down like a Goldeen
It's easy like a Hitmonlee
In soccer without the Goalie
Tacos and guacamole
So call me a Ludicolo, the flow so loco
I'm burning birds turning girls into Ho-Oh's
These hoes all on me like hordes so
I smoke them out like a Torkoal
My stick in your girl's mouth
I stay in there that's Pangoro
Change it up like a Meloetta
Said I'll never bring myself down
To the level of these featherweights
These Farfetch'd fricken heads'll sever when I Mega Evolve
Then I hit them with the Aerilate (Yeah)
I'm Pinsir off the top of the head
I'm Tyrant all you fossils are dead
And I craft like Picasso with pens
You Smeargle drawing a sketch
Put Darumaka in the hospital bed (Huh)
Cause your baby fire flow just fainted
Roggenrola, all you clones dull, faceless
This Quagsire make the crowd go Wooper
Drill 'em then I'm out this B, no U-turn
Guess who's back, did you miss me much?
I'm hearing these niggas talking shit tryna Jynx me bruh
Paralyzed cause the ladies wanna lick me bruh
And a couple of fodder niggas tryna diss me bruh
Acting out cause I got them Intimidated
I'll be Goodra, put them in a sticky situation
You loser, fuck around I'm pointing a laser
To open up your jaw like Mega Rayquaza
Hotter than a Desolate Land
Wavier than Primordial Sea
Lil nigga I ain't even go Primal
That ain't something you want to see
I'm known amongst towns for shutting shit down
And holding more arms than Hoopa Unbound
Flapping ya neck, I'll be blasting a tech
Shit'll fly and hit harder than Dragon Ascent
I'm a savage, you next
For the cabbage you check
I'll be wrapping your tongue around the back of your neck
(Greninja) Yeah, lurking in shadows
Launching metal to pierce through your marrow
Whack is the word to describe y'all proper
You'll be slapped if you try to intercept my job, bruh
Bitch boys don't want me all riled up
Swing, hope you got a Strong Jaw like Tyrunt
Never been a sone, levitating Earthquakes
Made that shit known on my very first birthday
Suicune, ain't another nigga matching up
Heart colder than a motherfucking Avalugg
Shocking on the web like Galvantula
Give you Close Combat till you niggas had enough
Tryna battle, you might as well cop some rope
I'm Poison, when I kick something Toxicroak
I goes in, no one hard as I
Your girl bust he mouth open wide like Carnivine
To interest her interest, Sixx legit
Throwing Shadow Balls, look at the flick of the wrist
Let that shit bang bang, that's O Block
With a Fire Punch that'll leave your Solrock
Johto, cell phones, now you getting this message
I'm the illest legendary nigga never forget it
Jirachi, Jirachi, Versace, Versace
These niggas can't stop me (Woo!)
Your bitch want it longer, I kill and get stronger
You're looking at Moxie (Woo!)
Your girl give me Lickitung, told her I get it done
I'm in her room tonight (Woo!)
The coldest thing living, you nigga gon' get it
Now where's my Suicuninite? (Easy!)
It's 2015 and we livin'
Y'all irrelevant niggas looking for attention
I laugh at y'all
It's life!