Перевод песни Bobby V. – Table Dance

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You’se a booty shakin pro, keep my pants and ??? low
Got me orderin up more singles than on the Datin Show
You my favorite, I’m yo regular customer
I love it when yo top disappear like a convertible
You jerk it and twurk it, so you can keep yo purse thick
Neva for the girls get to work, an early bird chick
Got teachers, preachers, lawyers, and retiremen
That love to see you slide down that pole like a fireman
What I gotta do, what I gotta do
I just wanna table dance
Shakin that thang, shakin that thang, off in this place
What I gotta do, what I gotta do
I just wanna table dance
Startin this thang, shakin that thang, shaking that thang
Monday night in the club and I’m feelin good
Got a pocket full of money like a playa should
Walk in the club and its lookin like a video
I see you shakin and poppin girl, drop it low
I see you watchin me watcin you got me twisted
Bring me the Henny and the Coke and then you mix it
Girl come over here, I got something to tell you, yea yea
You’re my favorite girl (I come to the booty club just to see you)
You’re my favorite girl (Cause can’t nobody whip the thang like you do)
Spend a 50, spend a 100 dawg spend a stack
Tell the DJ play my record then bring it back
8 inch stiletto, Queen Mcghetto
Touch From yo neck to ankle
Don’t nobody move like you
Spend all my dough, only wit you
And when the party’s over, I gotta take you home
You’re my favorite girl (I come to the booty club jus to see you)
You’re my favorite girl (Cause can’t nobody shake that thang like you do)
If you ain’t tippin, then you trippin, it’s a two dance minimum
Last chance for romance ladies and gentlemen
I stay in the strip club, that’s what a playa cause
Ten thou worth of ones, I’m bou to throw on Suga
She poppin and dropping live right in front of me
Laid back on her back, legs spread so I can see
Part-time dancer, part-time mother
Part-time student, she a full-time hustla
And that’s why I love her
Magic City man, the number 1 strip club in Atlanta man
Get yo mind right, Monday night live
Dont get it twisted, still lookin for that bread
Mixtape get yo mind right
DJ Nando on the ones and twos