Перевод песни Thrush Hermit – Came And Went

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You look so good on film
You never overwhelm
You're always a the helm
And as the picture fades
The credits all cascade
And how can you persuade?
The men that you adore
Are knocking on your door
And how can you ignore?
Their simple compliments
Their money was well spent on you in case you went
And you went
And you came
And you went
And up upon the screen
The ugly and obscene
The act within the scene
I've seen the way you act
And how you stay intact
The fiction and in fact
The facts that you create
Have made the great debate
So embrace the ones you hate
The meek and the ashamed
The liar just renamed himself for you in case you came
And you came
And you came
And you went
You lie and that's the truth
About the stories of your youth
You lie between our teeth
Your picture perfect smile
Your cinematic style
And your dramatic grief
And you came
And you went