Перевод песни Ludacris – Two Miles An Hour

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Yeah. we gon' send this one out
To e’rybody that put mo' into they cars than they do they relationship
Let’s ride
Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you
It’s get out, put my pedal to the flo' and let’s roll!
Yess; Seven cars, eight cribs, and ain’t a damn thang changed
Still pumpin' ten kickers, still grippin' the grain
Still candy in the paint, still ridin' them thangs
Most of my folks would same I’m happy, but I still feel pain
Until I jump in my ride, that’s my only escape
Me and my automobiles got these neighbors screaming «Gimme a break!»
It’s a pity how we turn our city into obstacle courses
Don’t be mad cuz I can’t hold my five hundred horses
Lamborginis and Porches, Ferraris and Vipers
I’mm wipe the seats wit' you drool, and rub the hood wit a diaper
Television on the gas tank, the fuel make the ass stank
I mean to be rude, my bass tubes are in a glass tank
Go strap yout seatbelts on, go put ya money up
Go put your life on the line, go put ya honey up
Go spread the word, run and tell all the boys
It’s time to play, or better yet brand out the toys; we goin'
I’m in a SS Super Sport, with the Four Fifty Four
.45th on the seat, don’t get yourself supersoaked
Dependin' on the weather, it may vary — whatever though
Catch me slammin' Escalade, Cadillac, to Chevy do’s
And hope I don’t, and pull out the Range Rover
The color of coke and snow, I blew out the brains on ya
Blew out the game on em', became a misfit
Shame on a nigga, the 726s wouldn’t fit
I’m ridin', I’m high, and I’m glidin, I’m lyin'
I’m flyin', I’m doin 190, it’s gon cost to catch us
You see that these diamonds are shinin', and blingin'
And blindin', so let me remind ya it’s gon cost to catch up
Who’s next up? — That's us, flow leave you breathless
Pedal to the flo', truck seat won’t let up
But if you out ridin' deuces or better
Slow down so them girls can’t sweat ya, and let the car go
+ (Dolla Boy)
Assign your name in the skreet (sign your name in the skreet)
I got two miles an hour, so everbody see me
Twenty fours, twenty sixes, twenty eights!
And my rims so big, you would think that is was 3D
Wait' til you see my paint, I ride around the A
With 'bout half a tank; I’m startin' to make so much money
I work half a day — I got cash in the safe
I got cash right here, I’m hard to get my swipe on
And I look like a chandalleur with all this ice on
Pull out the (?) shoot
Catch me blowin' out kush of the roof of the seven deuce
Ridin' hella hoes (hella!) elevador do’s (hella)
Gator on the seat (And?) mink on the flo’s
If a hater wanna creep, I got that thing by the do'
And if my chirp go beep, then my thang gon' blow
Playaz Circle — Titi Boi ridin' on skinny wheels
Bout to trade in the Quarter til eight, and get the ten till
— repeat 2X