Перевод песни Michael Sarver – Tell Me

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I drove that stretch of highway down to Jasper
Left everything I had searching for answers
The only thing I really knew, is he left home when I was two
And we just carried on A few miles down the road it started to sink in Looked in the rearview mirror, said what are you thinking?
What if he lets you down?
Doesn't care that he was never around all the years that he'd been gone?
Had a longing in my heart for something I had never felt
Had to look him in the eye and tell him you put us through hell
You put us through hell
Tell me what could have been better than your own son?
How could you walk away forever just as my life had begun?
What happened in your life that you would pay the price
Of giving up everything so selfishly?
Tell me I knew the moment I walked through his front door
That I wouldn't find the love that I was hoping for
A little smile and a short embrace
It's kinda nice but it can't erase all the pain of yesterday
I said I knew that we are blood but I guess blood just ain't enough
And you can't fill the empty hole that all your lies have dug
As I look at my little boy, full of life and full of joy
I just can't understand, maybe I'll never understand
'Cause nothing could be better than my own son
Could never walk away forever, just as his life has begun
Yeah he is my whole life, so I will sacrifice
And give up everything so selflessly
Tell me Why couldn't you do the same for me?
Oh tell me