Перевод песни Michael Sarver – Let Me Love You

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There you go walkin' in that summer dress
Smilin' as you blow a kiss my way
What can I say?
Baby, we should put the world behind us Go where no one else can find us Just you and me Just you and me Baby when the stars light up
I'm gonna lay you down, that's right
And hold you like a ring wrapped around this full moon tonight
Just tell me, I'll do anything
You're my everything, you're so beautiful
Let me love you
There you go talkin' in that Southern voice
I don't even have a choice
I know it's you, it's always been you
Baby just relax
Let me take the world off your back
You don't have to say a single thing
I meant it when I said you're everything
Let me love you
Let me love you