Перевод песни Toyah – Creepy Room

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Are you sitting comfortably?
Then we'll begin
This is the Mad Hatter's tea party
The telephones keep ringing
Driving me insane
Radio waves and monosodium glutamates
Poison me
Alcohol caresses my veins
Tobacco makes me sick again
My head's confused
It explodes into mental mayhem
I get these wild, wild moods
I get obsessed
Everything seems so very pointless
What is it all aiming for?
A world without wars would never exist
A world without wars is a dream for realists
Education for what?
It's just to brainwash kids
Someone must have designed this
I feel that it's all pre-planned
I don't want my kids to live in fear of man
We all explored and exploited
But the world keeps turning
Keeps turning
I've been a naughty, naughty girl
I've spoken out loud against the world
They're sending me to the creepy room
For some chemically induced fear
Because my mind's out of tune
I need some «cool discomfort»
I scare the monster in the creepy room —
He doesn't like my eyes
He says they look like wounds —
The monster screams!
But monster, don't you know?
No-one can hear you scream
In the creepy room