Перевод песни Timothy B. Schmit – Playin' It Cool

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J. D. Souther/T. B. Schmit/J. Leo/V. Melamed)
It's a long hot afternoon
Staring at the same old books
Teacher says you'll be out soon
But, she don't know how long it looks
You wanna get outside
You wanna go for a ride
And start playin' it cool
They tell you graduate
But, I just can't wait
To start playin' it cool
Pretty girls everywhere
Walkin' up and down the hall
Then you see her standing there
Leaning up against the wall
She could be dying to dance
You got to take that chance
On playin' it cool
You better tell her twice
'Cuz she's a little too nice
She's got to play it cool
Play it cool
Play it cool
One more afternoon
Starin' at the parking lot
I hope I get out soon
'Cuz summertime is all we got
You did the hardest part
Now it's time to start
Playin' it cool
Nobody really knows
That's the way it goes
When you're playin' it cool
Play it cool
Play it cool
You wanna get outside