Перевод песни Kevin Ayers – Strange Song

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Well, i met a traveller
Never did learn his name;
His eyes were bright coloured
But not both the same
He shook my hand warmly
I could tell he was strong
And he answered my questions
By singing this song
One find it, two lose it
Same everywhere;
One make it, two take it
Mostly don't care
Well, it rained all that night
And in the morning, rain still
And i saw the traveller
At the top of the hill
He was laughing at the thunder
And banging a gong
And, at the top of his voice
He shouted his song
One find it, etc
When the storm had died down
He came to my door
And he looked really happy
As he dripped on the floor
He said, «please excuse me
But i won't stay long;
Just give me what you don't want
And then i'll move on, singing
One find it, etc
Said he had to keep going
But he didn't say where
When i offered him money
He refused with a glare
Then he roared out with laughter
As ht picked up his gong
And he left without looking back
Singing his song:
One find it, etc. (repeat)