Перевод песни Verb T – Said and Done

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After it's said and done
You Gon' remember me
We major — the mic desecrator
Guys — best to wake up; your lives are in danger
Live from the chamber, the torture chamber
The source of danger, keep your eyes on the awkward stranger
Watch the way my hand moves
Fall to your weakness, see where fate lands you
I am defiant
While these fools get herded and burnt with the branding iron
I stand a giant up in this rap game
Bring plans to life up in the bat cave
Fools lose their mind so what does that say?
Hip Hop Hooray, the soap opera plays
Fools blinded by the front and what's on display
Truth that drug your conscience make
Confiscate, can't take what it's got to say
But let's conversate
Yeah man, I'm in the mood
SAMPLE (after all is said and done)
You gon' remember me bitches!
SAMPLE (after all is said and done)
And it's the Verb tutorial
I'm on the campus about to shoot all of you
Nah chill man, I mean shoot the knowledge
If you're getting nowhere with what you'¡re doing, you should stop it
The problem? I guess lack of focus
Like if you got some sedatives and took a massive dosage
Laziness is killing us, abilities are limitless
We are told we can't then we start buying into it
Man, you're blessed but you're missing it
Wake up, face up, to a couple of facts, shape up
It's never too late to make progression
Much love to everybody now stay protected
Wake 'em up, wake ‘em up son, wake ‘em up
Wake ‘em up, wake ‘em up son, wake ‘em up