Перевод песни Silkk The Shocker – The Day I Was Made

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Today, we have a serious decision that needs to be made for our family
There's a young cat out here that's growing old
Quick and fast in our organization
And today he must step up and be made
And I think you all know
Who's this guy mayn?
This guy is Silkk, Silkk the Shocker
His contribution to the streets has grown so fast he's grown weak. Kay?
You know what, this decison must be made now and only now
Isn't he young?
He's a stand up guy, he's a born leader, he has my blood
I was also a young when I started
So be it
Godfather, please, let me be the one to tell him he's a Made Man
Not now, let the Don tell him
Dannny Divuchi, bring Silkk to me Godfather, you won't regret it Yo Don, what up with this visit to Okay mayn, have a seat, ju know
I'm here to tell you some good news mayn
You're a Made Man now, everybody stand up Last Year, I was the help, this year I'm the boss
You don't like it? Fuck y'all, they'll find y'all niggas lost
Fuck with real niggas, mob figures
Not you niggas that's soft
Im talking about visiting some of you niggas
Some of you, niggas is talk
I always been a made man starting when I was, just a teen
Through the streets where I knew how to hustle
So the Don, put me down on his team
Told me to be, down to take a chance
Ya gotta be down to dirty dance
If so, the world can be yours so I put my, life in his hands
I know I'm up in the game, but I learned quickly
Told me you could live good
But wouldn't give it up when they come to get you
Told me never make, moves with your heart
Never snitch if you get caught
Never trust anybody a 100 percent, realize anybody can be bought
Everybody got a price
Money's nothing without
Power respect, loyalty, is a way of life
You've been chosen, to be the Made Man
Everybody gotta turn
Theres rules to this shit
That everybody gotta learn
To go from poverty to riches
Before I rule, choose my girl
Today it's the streets, tomorrow. I rule the world
I want the world the and everything up in it
No settling this time, this time, the sky's the limit
Power, loyalty, respect, from the cradle to the grave
I want to rule and I did, the day I was made
I'm a Made Man
I want the world and everything up in it
No settling this time, this time, the sky's the limit
Born leader, from the cradle, to the grave
I want to rule and I got my chance the day I was made
I'm a Made Man
I want the finer things, the car, house, and diamond rings
Wait patiently cause I know that time will bring it. (time will bring)
I'm a Made Man touch it no mo, I don't touch no coke
I'm a made man, fuck it I don't even show up for court
Judge tried to give me ten
Pointed the middle finger cause I, thought he was trippin
I can tell him why every nigga I had beef with
Them niggas, wind up missin'
Used to be broke, but now I'm nothing but dollar signs
Used to be convicted felonies but now if I get convicted
It's white collar crimes
Shit never been nervous, if I was, never let it show
Cause of my baby face
I did a lot of crime but, they let me go Usually females come to get me Never ever, leave no witnesses
If I gotta do it, it gotta get done, nothin' personal just business
A Made Man with a vision
Learned to, master the system
My family never see's me I just send em, presents on Christmas
I want the world, take trips to Reno, stock in a Casino
Make a lot of loot, have suits designed by, Valentino
I want the world, and everything up in it, when I said it I meant it Time to ride high, this time is, sky's the limit
Sometimes it feels like my last line, my last rhyme
Gave the world to little brothers
Never been nothing but the last Don
I want the world