Перевод песни Nice & Smooth – Nice & Smooth

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Oww, yeah
We gettin' ready to do this!
Nice and Smooth (Smooth and Nice)
I am the beef (and I'm the rice)
At the party, tipsy, not sooty
Met a tip, yo, her name was Judy
Ooh, she had a real big booty
Jack LaLanne ain't get her fruity
Scoping me up, down, giving me a frown
Tryin' my best, mustn't act like a clown
Ooh, some of your skin is brown
Can we hang out and play the town?
Nice and Smooth (Smooth and Nice)
I am the beef (and I'm the rice)
Smooth B, the man who makes the rhymes
And my rhymes are combined with the mind of another kind
I don't know where my dialogue comes from
I'm just blessed to a large degree
My name is Smooth B
I plan to be the dominator later, I'll be seen on the movie screen
Limousines with jacuzzis and girlies, they love me
Holdin' me tight so that I can't leave
Having a ball like you wouldn't believe
Playing the role like a royal emperor
Look at my gold and see that girl, I'm tempting her
To be the man, 'cause I'm grand
But breaking hearts is not my plan
Everytime they see me they smile and grin
And think of a way to diss their boyfriend
Then he'll approach me 'cause he's upset
But to stick with his girl would be his best bet
'Cause I'm not a joker, I don't play games
I will always be the same, Smooth B won't change
'Cause it's Nice and Smooth (and it's Smooth and Nice)
I am the beef (yo, I'm the rice)
Payday is here I need my mitt
A knot full of fifties, no counterfeit
So I could get and scoop me a skeezer
Take her to the cab and let her please her
Little old me's about dropping to her knees-a
I found out she's nothing but a teaser
But I convinced a freak to get busy
Her name was L-I-Z-Z-Y izzy
Can I be a friend or
You're feeling sad, I can make you merr-i-er
It's Greg Nice, not Yogi The Bear-i-a
Nice and Smooth (and it's Smooth and Nice)
I'm the beef (yo, I'm the rice)
My name's Smooth B, I've got the key
And once I was blind but now I see
Born to rock a mic automatically
My father gave to me the authority
To change what I can and live peacefully
Livin' life to love, giving love to my life
To eliminate stress and abolish strife
Allow me to express with the greatest of ease
My gratitude and I ask may I please
Be a rapologist at the top of the list
And together we'll experience the total bliss
I'll use a mic not a fist and I'll insist
That if you think about battling you'll get dissed
Don't make fake promises of how I rock
'Cause if you're a real trooper we'll met on top
Of the rap industry, and soon you'll see
That we'll make the most MC currency
'Cause it's Nice and Smooth (and it's Smooth and Nice)
I'm the beef (yo, I'm the rice)
Ayo, I'm the beef, ayo, (I'm the rice)
Yo yo, I'm the beef, yo yo, (I'm the rice)
Teddy Ted, the original man
I might like sometimes to drink brew and
Get a little melllow and say hello
To a fly booty that's dressed in yellow
I'm a mack laddy, in a brown Caddy
Been around the world, freaky fly girls call me daddy
And ya don't stop
Hey, I guess I'm the gravy, huh?