Перевод песни Nice & Smooth – Perfect Harmony

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We'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
What's your name?
I'm Teddy Ted
My name is Greg Nice
And I'm MC Smooth Bee
Humor! I'll make you laugh
Go take a bath you don't know the half
Yeah my structure, is like a skyscraper
Greg, Nice not a comic book caper
Like Bruce Wayne or even Dick Grayson
I'm not Freddie and I'm not Jason
I hate base and, chasin clouds of illusion
Mass confusion, which drug are you usin?
Greg, N-I-C-E
Freelance style, mother's last child
I'm buckwild don't make me pull your file
Used to wear a frown now you wear a smile
Teddy Ted is the jewel of the Nile
The original ooh child, versatile
Eagles wanna fly, rappers made to ramble
My name is Greg Nice I used to scramble
Met this dip who changed my world around
At night she wore diamonds and pearls, and I say
What a way to agree, she walked up to me and said umm
«Oh no, it can't be!
The incredible sounds of Greg N-I-C-E»
I said yes, Nice Greg, Greg N-I-C-E
Come to my cabin baby doll and see
Thirty minutes we can go around the galaxy
She, bought it for sure when I walked through the door
Turned around I saw her bloomers on the floor
I said umm, golly gee I know this can't be Then I thought BA-BOW did it all for me So we got busy and her name was Missy
I gave her permission to be my main squeeze
Never felt lips like these, I'm telling you!
She blessed me well, made me perspire
Missy, my number one heart's desire
Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes
I just write rhymes, as I incline I design
Denyin me is like frontin on Jesus
And it's a sin to begin, knowing you'll never win
You wanna be my friend? Blend
I can't extend, neither pretend
To be better than the next man, that only comes in when
Others try to apprehend fake styles and then smile
While I create rhymes by the miles
No hot towels, nor weak bowels
What's with the why's anw who's, you're not an owl
I'm watching you, mm-hmm, ready to close in And like a thief in the night, nobody knows
When I'll strike and flex and vex, against your literature
I don't bite but I write while you snore
I have to rupture your senses while you pay consequences
Smooth Bee not he now battle commences
I'm VICKING YOU! Of all your knowledge and all of your lessons
Of all your strifes through life and all your BLESSINGS
Terminating you! Subtracting cells from your brain
Can you refrain? Let me explain
Nice & Smooth came to leave a stain
Nice & Smooth came to leave a stain