Перевод песни No Doubt – Gravity

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We're so lucky
Still holding on Just like Venus and the morning sun
You and me got gravity
I don't know where all the time went
Light years and so many moons
So many close calls
Now I see a thousand percent
You meant what you said and it's good
Cause everybody falls
A million miles and it fades
We're into orbit now we're safe
So don't you let go Don't ever let me float away
When it's feeling like a solar eclipse
In the shade it gets so cold
You think it'll never go Exploding like a beat up rocket ship
Spinning so fast round the world
Wish we could make it slow down
And we can swim the milky way like star-
Crossed lovers do I never really thought we'd ever make it Out this far did you?
Leave our story in the sky like star-crossed lovers do Spent a million lost in space, me and you
Me and you...