Перевод песни Kickback – Murder Minded

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your death will strengthen our souls
Born in the new age, innocence lost from the start
The rape of angels — tearing their wings
Laughing our way down
Blessed in piss, shit and vomit
Bleed for me
We cum all over over your paradise
A nightmare made flesh
Wrath of the new breed
This world in flames
An endless bloodshed fills my mind — your world upside down
Unclean desire — spread the filth
Unclean desire — rape the dream
Bleed for me — give them violence, give them pain
Bleed for me — this urge inside, this urge within
Slow, I arrive to destroy your paradise
Intoxicated demons
Locked down in me
Release me
We arrive to burn your houses down
Children of blasphemy, desecrate all that is holy
Bleed for me