Перевод песни Kickback – Will To Power

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Splatter this world with blood
Crimson murder to stain the earth
Your prayers to empty skies
None shall be saved, none shall be spared
Watch it all come to an end — unholy triumph
Our glarious rebirth this very night
Into chaos we rise
So let it all come down, let it all fall
Let it all burn down, your weakness and your lies
Now and forever as your feeble world turns to dust
Let this second coming be the death of you all...
To new kingdoom, new domain
How will i ever be the same
My eart's cold yet I burn
Crush your face and watch you bleed to death
Your suffering, now my pleasure
Feed my lust and the fire in my heart
Bloodsoaked visions of genocide — murderous passions
Our celebration, your demise — the elite march on Conqueror of self, unbridled and free, carving our names
Eternity finally opens, our selfish pleasure has no limit
The gates are open wide
My hands wrapped tight around your throat
The crown held high in infamy
Exterminate and dominate