Перевод песни Basic Element – The Promise Man

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I keep cool well I know
I know I found the promise man
And I dance here with you
Cause I don't want no other friend
Tic tic toc tic a tic tic toc
Goin' all around, would you never stop
Shake it, shake it up, shake it down
Move it all around, move it all around
Do you want me from in the book
Try to get a dance don't you worry about you know
You will see if you got the key
Don't stand still yo like a tree
You take it so come on beat the flow
When my records are yo you gotta go with the ho
I'm gonna give you my lesson, just in
Pump up the bass with satisfaction
You are the mister, you are the mister
Get on the floor, it like to ...
Do it real good, don't do it like a mess
Take her up as she good to say yeah
I keep cool, I keep cool, I keep coool
I keep cool, I keep cool, I keep coool
Kick, kick and I let you know
Are you movin' now
Are you movin' slow
Do you have the luck
Yes I have, oh yeah
Girls are standing here
Cause I'm everywhere
Gotta take a rock now
Do it do it I know what you want yet
Do it do it kick a rockin' track
And I show you what to do
Woman are comin'up
Comin' like you do, too
I can't give him up, give him up (4x)