Перевод песни Gaither Vocal Band – The Difference Is In Me

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I've noticed something lately that I've never seen before,
My neighbors are so thoughful and my family loves me more,
There's music in the traffic and there's laughter in the air,
And little deeds of kindness everywhere.
I feel excited like a kid, the first warm day in May,
That something's great is just about to happen anyday.
The grass and trees and skies are different,
The people passin by are different,
could it be the difference is in me.
I always want to find out what each day will have in store,
The things that were important unimportant anymore,
I found out what I value are the things I can't replace,
A happy home and sunshine on each face.
The joy I feel in knowing I have chosen to be right,
To know that the past is gone and I can sleep at night.
My days are filled with simple pleasures,
Love, peace and other treasures,
And I believe the difference is in me.
Oh, the people that I meet are different,
The taste of what I eat are different,
I do believe the difference is in me.
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