Перевод песни Gaither Vocal Band – I'm Loving Life

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Verse 1
You ask why there's a smile all over my face
Well I found abundant love and Amazing Grace
It's just as simple as Sa-weeet Salvation
I've got a heavenly reservation
I can see forever from where I stand
I'll never walk again with out Him holding my hand
I've just started living, I'm on cloud elev~en
Now I'm lovin' life cuz I've been forgiven
I'm lovin' life cuz I've been forgiven
Verse 2
Well it ain't no secret, and I ain't gonna keep it
Got a lot of friends that just won't believe it
It's all about what He's done for me
I'm gonna shout til eternity
Repeat Chorus
Piano Solo
It;s a river of mercy that never stops flowin'
And I'm gonna follow it where ever it's going