Перевод песни Young Money – She Is Gone

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Where my old lady at?
Where my ho' where?
(She's gone, she's gone)
Where Where my old lady at?
Where my ho' where?
(She's gone, she's gone)
Where my old lady I'mma kill that bitch
Where Where my old lady I'mma kill that bitch
Man fuck that ho, well I'mma kill that bitch
When I see that bitch, I'mma kill that bitch
Man I ain't never need no bitch
Tell her take everything, don't leave yo' shit
Then I sent her by her momma, told her I'll holla
Time to get it popping now I'm single like a dollar
I'm killing these hoes, the swag is a murder weapon
I'm wanted, fuck around and get arrested
I'm Martin tell a bitch «get to steppin'»
Good mornin brand new bitch for breakfast
T-Streets what they call me
I never met desperate don't know lonely
Go on 'bout ya business let them other hoes want me
(Farewell, farewell, farewell)
My old bitch gone, my new bitch with me
And she in the club looking for a new bitch with me
And truthfully tonight I might have ya bitch with me
She ain't gone dive in that Benz but she gone dip with me
Old girl must thought Millz was the next man
Who knows where she at she probably with her ex man
No second guessing what's the next plan
New season back to the green like a Jets fan
I'm bout money and that attracts divas
You put a ring on her must have thought she was a keeper
But now that girl gone like a fast ball to Jeter
(Farewell, farewell, farewell)
East side Gudda, add another Gudda
My bitch was acting up so I had to get another
Pockets on full, chips stack like Pringles
Cancel that bitch buy another like Nino
I lost one, got ten more calling
Man women like fleas, can't shake them bitches off me
I have a new one every morning with my coffee
I'm on that sip and she love it when I'm off speed
So you not wanted like an orphan
You nothing to me, just another dog bitch barking
No need to come back bitch, you can keep walking
(Farewell, farewell, farewell)
Farewell (x3)