Перевод песни The Beautiful South – One Last Love Song

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I once had a friend who I loved from my heart
But I went on and left her 'fore I’d made a start
Now I’m moaning the blues like the rest of the charts
Take me back…
So I’ll cry with a limp, just get by on a limp
Till these blue eyes of mine, they are closed
So here’s to an old-fashioned peck on the cheek
And farewell, my sweet Northern Rose
Give me one last love song
To bring you back, bring you back
Give me one last video
Just dressed in black, dressed in black
Give him a chorus and that bit at the end
Where he wails on and on 'bout the loss of a friend
Let him scream loudly, 'Well, this love could mend'
Let it die, let it die…
Those bloody great ballads we hated at first
Well I bought them all, now I’m writing worse
Save us from baldness and saving the earth
Take me back…
And I’ll smile with a limp, and I’ll love with a limp
Till the clouds disappear from above
And as the storm moves away, all I can say
Is there’s a towel on the door for your love