Перевод песни Guy Penrod – Even When We Do

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Sitting there in church last Sunday
You reached across and took my hand
Heaven help me I started thinking about
Bucket seats in my old Trans Am Parked there in your parents' driveway
I couldn't take my eyes off you
It felt so good to hear you tell me you loved me too
That'll never get old, even when we do Early morning cups of coffee
Late night kisses on my cheek
Knowing I got someone else praying for my soul to keep
Shaking hands and one small diamond
The way I felt that night in June
Along with all the other memories I hold on to That'll never get old, even when we do Even when we're sitting there
With nothing but silver in our hair
In a couple of matching rocking chairs
Watching the world go by We'll load the grandkids in the car and drive to the Dairy Queen
The whole way there they'll be rolling their eyes at me For hitting on you like we're still 17
You know I'm gonna try
Someday I'll slow down a little
You might even slow down too
As long as this old heart's still beating, I'll be loving you
That'll never get old, that'll never get old, even when we do That'll never get old, even when we do, even when we do