Перевод песни The Beach Boys – Passing Friend

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Well there's nothing worse than a passing friend
Who will die on you till the bitter end
There's nothing worse than a burning heart
Or a past that tears the world apart
I've been thinking about my situation
Nothing ventured nothing left to lose
When it's easier to just say nothing
I had thought about what I might lose
But through the child's eyes
There were feelings
Touching my violet skin
When the love games start appealing
YOu better get out and move on in Because there's nothing worse than a passing friend
Or a pioneer of a dying trend
Nothing worse than a silent ghost
Or to lose your head at the starting post
Ain't it always just a short vacation
When it's love it always has an end
Under the sheets of life it's just frustration
While the body goes in search again
Why do you love someone
Who wants to break your heart
Why do you need someone
Who wants to tear your world apart
No no not again
I was packing up my life in cases
For a hundred years or maybe more
I've been talking to a million people
Don't you think I should have known the score
No no not again