Перевод песни The Beach Boys – It's Gettin' Late

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It's getting late
I can't wait
Come-a-come-a little closer
You got to tell me that you'll stay
I've been praying for this moment
Since the second I laid eyes on you
Minutes seem like hours
When you're gone
Girl I'm getting tired of waiting
So stop your hesitating
I can't believe you keep me hanging on
It's getting late-ate-ate-ate
Ooo (it's getting late)
Time waits for no one
Love is a turn on
You got me in a situation
My love is rising high
Don't let any more love pass us by
Girl, we can make it up to paradise
Just give it a try
So hurry now and girl make up your mind
It's getting late
Don't know how much more I can stand
Girl I need your loving
I'm so tired of waiting
Come on there's no one else around
Ooo sweet girl it's getting late
So please don't hesitate
Been waiting to get your defenses down