Перевод песни Lewis Parker – Mum's The Word

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Vinyl heritage, find the best ways to use it Fuse it like circuits, fit it all together
Now and work it, so the get treasure
In the sun weather going digging around the markets
Find what you find, but it's best to have targets
And know what you're looking
I keep the beats cooking
I always have my ears open for the next shit to be hooking
Off in the 900 Akai
I don't want those record dealers to even know I'm a rap guy
Keep quiet it Because you'll know that they'll be listening
Bootleggers break sellers
Big up my man Christian
Liverpool to New York
Paris back to Londinium
I flip the music whether its rock or Brazilian
Breaks, there's a million, so I can't be out of choice
I take the intro before the coming of the voice
Mum's the word
And with the best intentions, you know I keep it on the down low
Taking my time, trying to master the sound scope
And if it sounds dope I leave it how it is Instead of going mad tryna please the kids
Don't need the glamour and glitz, because that shit sound ridiculous
Those things will but the soul is continuous
Material lust, keeping us trapped in it Lost in real, still there's always the acting it Putting no back in it? Then you're definitely slipping
Colour me purple, watch our circle go missing
The Devil's grinning because he think he's in control now
Bring your new style, I come bad out with the old style
But flip it back still
Your crew better chill, there's too much overkill
As our time is fill, with ill rhymes and breaks
When the papes come, we watch the fakes and snakes come
Then escape on the bass drum
Keep it quiet!
Mum's the word
Like that!
L.P. and I'm out, keep it under the hat