Перевод песни Kaoteon – Wrenched

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Memories haunt me... of a nigh future*
With tales of an aeon to come
Where men turn barbarous
And wipe their own existence
An aeon where mothers breastfeed their infants
With poison instead of love
Where infants by taking in that nectar
Hatred breeds inside their hearts
Legions of hatred and iniquity
Are forged within the carnal canals
Seeds of a doomed future
Are sough inside the treacherous whores
With every seed they plant deep at bottom
A mercenary they plant on earth's surface
Fornicating the violating
Of the world as we know it I gaze and see the seeds mature now
Proudly walking together as one,
Hand in hand, benighted are their souls
Marching... in our world's funeral
Wrenched are their hearts
Wrenched are their morals
Wrenched are their feelings
Wrenched, back to the disgusting essence of man
An army created inside a cheating whore
Will soon betray
And the conflict will start
Between man and his own brother
A war so glorious
It's result will soon be met
And the end of the battle
Will terminate the human race
I've seen it all approaching
The end drawing near
Where no one stands victorious
In your Chaotic Aeon.