Перевод песни The Blue Aeroplanes – Bright Star Catalogue

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sitting by the grass
On the road to my renewal
Staring at the tail lights
Of the unutterably cool
Heading for the capitol
Heading for the stars
Hey, you know I'll watch you
However far away you are
I can always find you
In the Bright Star Catalogue
I had an idea
But I'd better not tell you
It's something you could steal
It's unutterably cool
You're heading for the stratosphere
Up among the stars
Casually, thoughtlessly
He'll know who you are
He'll know that you're his
Like you is mine
He always knows
Star 69
Invisible to the naked eye
The distant star is just a number
The distant star knows who we are
We're just a number
And all of us are chanting
We got your number
You're so far out, man
But we can see you
I love to love what love says love
Staring at the skies in holy calm
Heading for a distant point
On the road to my renewal
Smoking petrol, taking oil
Drinking fucking lighter-fuel
Is not an option
If you want to write, you know where I am There's a price to pay for a lack of adventure
I paid it You can look up the numbers of all the stars
At least the ones you can see
Shine on me You made it