Перевод песни Red Zebra – Polar Club

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At the polar clubthere's no night or day
People come and go but never seem to stay
Shattered by the glitter
blinded by the fake
You realise that
coming here was a big mistake
a big mistake
Welcome to the polar club (4x)
At the polar club
no one shows emotion
They rather dip theirselves
in someone elses lotion
Cosmetic flavours
poison the air... air?
You wanna dance
but you just don't dare
you just don't dare
Welcome to the polar club (8x)
enjoy yourself
have fun
At the polar club
it's a fashion parade
Remember when they look at you
you made it Everyone's so happy
in his fancy dress
But that's the way
they try to hide their mental mess
their mental mess
Welcome to the polar club (8x)