Перевод песни Janez Detd. – Going Mental

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Going mental, I'm a relatively normal guy
No sociapathic freak that tries to hard, you know the kind
What you see inch thick and as slick as polished shit is What I've got for you!
Middle-aged, blue-eyed, blondie sort of like in «Village Of The Damned»
but with better lingerie
I guess that makes her a M. I. L. F. Yeah, a mom I'd like to...
My best friend's mom, yep sometimes I, fantasise about, her female flesh rollin
round, my bedroom floor all, smothered in Peach melba yoghurt
I've gone through hypno-therapy
To erase it from my memory
I know I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but
«Today's punks, tomorrow's heroes!»
So please help this, cagey flunky!
Now, I said now, so don't turn it around, cause it's over now