Перевод песни Dark Fortress – Ylem

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A spell to free all matter
Folding time and gravity
A universe to shatter
Conjuring black holography
Unraveling the ether
Rending screeching molecules
Severing the elements
Ripping core from core
Sorcery's caustic breath
Fills the void between the spheres
The archetypes are gathering
At the other end of genesis
Rise from oblivion
Initiate the grand corrosion
Awaken, demant omega
The web constricts around quivering hearts
Spectres swell
From my hands
I feel my mind vibrating
Virulant black odic force
Bleeding into every cell
Ripe with mortality
A breathless world is shaking
A cosmic avalanche is waking
All shall die
Rise from oblivion
Initiate the grand corrosion
Awaken, dormant omega
The atoms shall remember
Scourge the moribund
Initiate the grand corrosion
Consume me, primordial fire
All atoms shall remember thee
Engulf me Illuminate my flesh
With sacred necrosis
I summon thee
From primeval chaos soar
Devour this misguided spacetime
From the earth
From the heavens
From the emptiness rise
From the pores of trembling skin
From the depths of every soul come forth
From the darkness at the heart of everything
Unraveling the maelstrom
Bending screaming galaxies
Severing the constellations
Tearing matters shell