Перевод песни Dark Fortress – Wraith

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A spectre writhes
Too faint for mortal eyes
A mere ululation
A deathless witness
Lurid in demise
Spawned from pain and tribulation
An orphaned want, marooned
In disembodied mayhem, howling
Just a shadow
Waning with the moon
Ever yearning, ever prowling
Doomed to linger, a wraith in a withered world
You will never sleep again
Lifeless eyes, forever haunted by the void
Gaze upon the tomb of man
Cold and dried up
The ravaged plains lie dead
Buried ruins sing of the end
Faces fade away
Frozen in convulsion
In broken temples, gods quietly die
And gales roam unrestrained
Lick the horror from revulsion
Beneath the weeping scars in the sky