Перевод песни Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim – Can't Do Without Me

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Gyal if me and you left today
Tell mi wha' di future say
You cyan do without me baby
You cyan do without my touch
(If you slip you slide
Mi get another gyal fi love)
Wait and see
You cyan find another like me Don't make sense you leave
You cyan find another like me That a wa you think
Hold on nuh
You no know love yet
Mek me tell you wa mi Granny tell me Gyal stop gwaan like you own me Before mi mck you feel like you never know me Gyal, wha' you think a go happen when we left
A next gyal a get it glory
Gyal a you mash up you love story
Wha' you haffi say about that
Jah Know
Hold on nuh
A You seh good better best
Never believe seh you cyan get replace
You no have no need fi a stress
Member seh love no have no fix address
Mi love you fi real baby
But mi haffi, tell you this to your face
You haffi prove seh forever still a wear
Cause a whole heap a girl out there