Перевод песни Nick Urata – Ruby Sparks (w/ Dialogue)

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Ruby Sparks, 26 years old, raised in Dayton Ohio
Why Dayton?
Sounds romantic
Ruby's first crushes were Humphrey Bogart and John Lennon
She cried the day she found out they were already dead
Ruby got kicked out of high school for sleeping with her art teacher...
or maybe her Spanish teacher, I haven't decided yet
Ruby can't drive, she doesn't own a computer.
She hates her middle name, which is Tiffany.
She always, always roots for the underdog.
She's complicated, that's what I like best about her.
Ruby's not so good at life sometimes.
She forgets to open bills or cash checks and...
Her last boyfriend was 49, the one before that was an alcoholic.
She can feel a change coming, she's looking for it.
Looking for what?
Something new.