Перевод песни The Waterboys – Strange Arrangement

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It’s a strange arrangement
I don’t claim to understand it
I know I created it
But I never planned it
It’s a strange arrangement
And I’m not proud
Well perhaps a little ashamed
If ashamed is allowed
At the death of the year
In a crucial hour
I exchanged the power of love
For the love of power
The invisible captain
Must be laughing out loud
I feel as if I’m wrapped inside a
Cloud within a cloud
It’s a strange arrangement
And it’s fascinating to see
Which way the worm turns
Especially when the worm is me
Runaway child
I wish you were here
The weather is uncommonly mild
For this time of year
But it’s no cause for pity
And it’s no reason to weep
Worse things can befall a man when he’s
In his bed counting sheep
It’s a strange arrangement
An accommodation deluxe
I’ll send you a postcard
When I’ve had enough